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Elixir is that awesome hippy-witchy girl you knew in college who could cure hangovers with her kooky-yet-delicious breakfast smoothies, knew the name of every plant, and gave the best advice on love with her dead-on tarot card readings. She was late to every get-together, yet nobody was ever angry with her, because she always came bearing gifts: a special blend of tea she concocted just for you, or homemade cookies, or a fancy bottle of wine that nobody could pronounce. Elixir is quirky, unexpected, and completely delightful. While she’s definitely related to her sister, Potion, they are very different.

Scent notes: juicy orange blossom, white musk, sugary marshmallow, freshly-picked kumquat, a field of lavender, and a dash of bubbly, sweet champagne.

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