Due South

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It had been a few weeks since Rose and Misty had successfully thwarted Deadbeat’s attempt to rob Misty’s homeland of its “exotic” riches. Since then, they’d been sailing aimlessly south, stopping at small islands and relaxing on the beach, drinking and eating ripe tropical fruits. It was paradise. But Rose knew, deep down, that this wouldn’t last. This was not the first time she and Misty had reunited over the years, and Rose knew it always ended at some point. The good things never seemed to last between them.

At the moment, however, Rose was mostly worried about where all the booze had gone. “Oy!” she yelled out to one of her crew members in the distance. “Where’s all the rum gone? Bring us a bottle!” Misty chimed in with, “Or two!” The two of them were currently lying on a deserted beach on some tiny island they’d discovered, sunbathing and drinking. Misty kept trying to bring up the topic of the future, specifically their future, and Rose kept shutting it down. She knew she couldn’t stave Misty off forever, but she absolutely needed more liquor before this conversation could happen.

Once the bottles had been fetched, Misty and Rose each opened their own and cheers’d before taking significant swigs. It was time.

“Hey, so, listen, Misty,” Rose began, but Misty held up her hand and cut her off.

“No, don’t even start, Rose. Look. I know we have always been a little up-and-down in our relationship, and we’ve had some pretty epic fights and break-ups in the past.”

Rose nodded, thinking about the swordfights, and how Misty had once made Rose walk the plank after a particularly epic, drunken fight over a game of cards with her crew. (They were less than a mile from shore; it was really a symbolic gesture more than anything, and Misty’s crew rescued her quickly, but still.) 

Misty continued. “Look, I know this has been fun, but I don’t want to do a big, dramatic thing now. I’d rather we just enjoy each other for another week or two, and then amicably part ways. My crew misses me; I miss my own ship. We just aren’t compatible long-term, so why don’t we keep having fun for a bit?” She wiggled her eyebrows at Rose, and Rose laughed.

“You know what, Misty? I think, for once, we are in complete agreement.” She held up her bottle, and Misty clinked it with her own. They both took a sip, smiled, and leaned in for a kiss. Have to enjoy the good times while they last, right?

Scent Notes: Hot red sands, exotic spices weave through petals of black jasmine, dragon’s blood and ocean spray.