True North

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  • Scent Notes
    Peppermint swirls in warm vanilla milk with cardamom. Candle wax, cedar, and lush, green galbanum.
  • Description

      To read the first part of Rose’s adventure, click here.

      Rose and her merry band of brigands sailed northward for several weeks, heading into increasingly colder temperatures. She knew their destination was close when night closed in fast, and didn’t stop for several days. The collective breath of the crew hung about the entire ship, coating everything in a semi-frozen mist. There’s no way it was actually possible, but to Rose, this frigid air always smelled like peppermint, and she relished breathing in the minty freshness that seemed to permeate everything.

      They could just make out lights from other ships in the distance, all floating to the same destination: Penzance, the secret northern island just for pirates. Every five years, pirates showed up to Penzance in the dead of winter to tell tales, drink, and attempt to rob each other. You know, pirate stuff. Rose and her crew were one of the last ships to make it to Penzance this time around. This would be her fourth visit to the island; somehow, more than twenty years had passed in her pirate’s life. It seemed absolutely, positively inconceivable.... Click here to read the rest of the story!


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