Far East

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Compass Rose and Misty Morning were currently enjoying a lazy morning in bed aboard Rose’s ship, the Booty Snatcher, on their adventure eastward to stop fellow pirate “Deadbeat” Dan in his quest to be yet another white man colonizing and appropriating from Eastern culture in his quest to seem cool and worldly and gain a bunch of “exotic” booty (of all types) in the process. Naturally, they could not let this occur, so Rose and Misty were hurrying forth to catch him before he could do too much damage to Misty’s birthplace.

There was a loud knock at the door. “Captain Rose,” one of the crew yelled. “We’re gaining on Deadbeat’s ship. We should be able to dock alongside him at the Port of Tokyo without an issue.”

“Aye, thanks! But not directly alongside him; a few ships down.” Rose yelled back through the door, then rolled over to look at Misty. “Are you ready for this? Have any strength left in you?” she asked, winking at Misty. Misty responded by punching Rose, hard, in the shoulder. Rose gasped, then started laughing as Misty smiled innocently. “Yeah, you’re definitely ready.”

That night, with their ship safely docked a few down from Deadbeat’s, Misty left the boat dressed in full geisha attire. They knew this was the ultimate exotification of her culture that he wouldn’t be able to resist. Both she and Rose had been keeping a watchful eye on Deadbeat’s ship, and knew he and his whole crew were out gambling, stealing, and generally being obnoxious white men in a foreign land, taking whatever they felt they were entitled to. Rose had already snuck aboard the boat, lying in wait for the return of Deadbeat and his crew. Misty waited near the ship, trying to look like the prey she was pretending to be, rather than the predator she was.

They didn’t have to wait long. Deadbeat and a few crew members stumbled drunkenly down towards the docks, singing and swigging from bottles the whole way. All of them were carrying large amounts of cash, gold, spices, silk, and booze, with two of them carrying a large chest; they nearly dropped it at least five times by Misty’s count. She stepped out of the shadows and directly into their path. Misty started speaking Japanese; she was insulting them, but as they didn’t understand the language, they thought she was propositioning them. Deadbeat laughed, and motioned to his ship, loudly saying, “You come with us now, come to our ship; we’ll make you very happy with our big---”

Before he could finish his sentence, a bottle smashed over his head, knocking him down to the ground. Misty looked up, surprised to see Rose in front of her. “I know we had a whole plan, but I just couldn’t let it happen that way.” Misty smiled, and the two of them easily overtook the other drunk crew members, leaving them all passed out and bleeding next to their ship. Rose whistled, and her crew members joined them, and the whole group banded together and took the loot Deadbeat and his pirate pals had been attempting to steal. 

As Rose and Misty hefted the chest away, Deadbeat started to regain consciousness. “What the hell do you two think you’re doing?” They stopped and turned toward him. Deadbeat recognized them both, and an evil smirk crossed his lips. “I should’ve known. Can I interest you in another go-round, Rose? It’s been a few years; some part of you must miss me.” He winked, then winced, and laid back down.

Rose shuddered. “Trust me, Deadbeat, absolutely no part of me misses being with you. My parts are quite content without you, actually,” she said, and flashed a smile at Misty, who started laughing as they carried the treasure away.

Scent notes: A classic Woody, green chypre with a base of labadanum, bergamot, oakmoss and patchouli. A green accord twines with a floral topnote of Lily of the valley, and a citrus splash of red Brazilian mandarin. Atlas cedarwood and a deep, rich sandalwood complete the mellow base notes


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