Fart Kitten

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Yes, skunks are unfortunately maligned as stinky little nuisances, spraying their signature musky scent willy-nilly without concern for any other creatures that may be around. But! They are super important to agriculture and farming, as they eat a number of agricultural and garden pests. They are omnivores and live in dark, secluded areas and only spray when scared or threatened, which is why we’re here to tell you to give that Fart Kitten living under your back porch a chance. They travel often, so they’ll be on their way in just a few days. Let the flatulent cats eat their grubs in peace! And don’t let the name fool you, this is actually a delightfully floral, gorgeous scent! (Peony lovers: this one's for you.)

Scent notes: Candied peonies, green tea, floral aldehydes and cucumbers, Egyptian musk and a drop of Animalistic stink

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