Stink Pretty

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  • Scent Notes
    Traditionally masculine notes of lavender and violets mingle with bergamot and sandalwood in the warmth of the desert.
  • Description
      Ashley was getting ready to go out for the evening. She and her partner were having a rare date night and leaving their kid at home. They were going to a nice dinner and then off to see a movie, followed by post-movie drinks and ice cream. (Fingers crossed they stayed awake for all of that.) Parenting a tiny child in the modern world was an incredibly exhausting experience. Sometimes it was rewarding, but a lot of the time, lately, she’d just felt sad and overwhelmed. They needed a night out together, so she was going full out: a nice dress, hair done, makeup, and perfume. She had amassed a large collection of perfume over the years, and each one had a special meaning to her. She used scent to calm her, or pump her up, or just help her get through the day when she felt like everything was pure chaos. But tonight, she wanted something different, something special, so she made a decision to blend a few things together. She had no idea how it would turn out. She was beginning to doubt her decision when the kid ran into the bedroom, yelling, “Mommyyyyyyy!” She stopped and prepared for the onslaught, and sure enough, she was covered in a pair of sticky little hands connected to sticky little arms, all wrapping and grabbing around her for whatever they could touch. “Whoa, hey, calm down honey! Relax! It’s gonna be okay.” She turned around and hugged back, feeling tiny breaths start to relax against her chest. She felt a few bigger, deeper breaths being taken. “Mommy, wow, you STINK!” Ashley let her child go. “Hey! That’s not a very nice thing to say, honey.” There was a tiny smile in return. “No, mommy. You stink. But you stink PRETTY.” Ashley smiled and went in for another hug. “Thank you, love. Would you like to stink pretty, too?” She felt the nod against her chest in return. And she thought to herself: so it begins.

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