New Releases Set of 8 2.25ml EDP Samples from 4160Tuesdays

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      Andrea recently took a class with the wonderful Sarah McCartney, the owner and master perfume blender behind 4160Tuesdays. She loved the class so much, she asked her to join the Indie Marketplace, and she accepted!

      From their website: 4160Tuesdays is an artisan perfumery based in London where we've been hand-making adventurous scents since 2011. We create all our perfumes in small batches of 50-200 bottles at our Hammersmith studio, where we also run fragrance-making workshops.

      Our perfumes are inspired by a place or a person at a certain moment, and created by our perfumer, Sarah McCartney (who isn't related to any of the other more famous McCartneys but she does get asked quite often). 

      We'd like to make our world a lovelier place starting with the small space around us and working outwards. 4160 Tuesdays stands out from other niche fragrance brands not just because it’s British, creative, witty and pioneering, but for an indie house handmaking all our fragrances, we're unusually affordable. We want everyone who’s interested in fragrance to be able to try them. 

      Want to explore indie maker reviews? Please visit our forum!

      This listing is for a set of their New Releases perfumes in 2.25ml atomizer EDP form, as follows:

      Warm Sands Blue Ocean

      The third fragrance in our Tessa Williams trio is on one of our favourite themes. We have a collection of seaside fragrances, and they are all different - different beaches, climates and atmospheres. This is an escape to a warm sandy beach, somewhere you can swim in the sea and emerge to dry off in the sunshine: the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean perhaps. The modern description is to call this style “solar”; all fragrances of this type have a white flower, suntan lotion note. We added vanilla, musks, and Timbersilk - a pale woods molecule. It gets interesting when we take you away from the poolside, put you on the beach then drop you right in the blue ocean with a blend of oakmoss and Calone, the molecule responsible for the ozone aroma of sea air. Sarah used Atlas cedar for the aroma of skin warming in the sunshine and Ambrox, the molecule that recreates the scent of ambergris. We love the seaside, and haven’t swum in the sea since 2015. Close your eyes and you’re almost there.

      Honey Jasmine Karma

      A bright harmony of jasmine, Karmawood and our own honey aroma blend. A sustainable scent with the power to bring sunshine to dull days with its cheerful aroma. Made without bothering a single bee. 

      Butterlily Damselfly

      Intrigued by the aroma of waterlilies we swam to the centre of a lake to smell them, buzzed by iridescent damselflies. To complete the scene, oak trees, cut grass, fresh water, hay bales, beeswax and warm skin. Waterlilies, damselflies, oak trees, cut grass, fresh water, hay bales, beeswax and warm skin.

      Hammersmith Tea and Biscuits

      We moved to our Hammersmith studio in September 2019, and Sarah wanted to honour the London Borough which became our new home. She made four fragrances, of which Hammersmith Tea & Biscuits is the first. Hammersmith is on the River Thames, home to the Apollo, two tube stations with the same name, and a wide and varied range of people and eating places and we all muddle along together. She made Tea & Biscuits as a symbol of the British way of making friends and getting through a crisis which Hammersmith seems to epitomise. The biscuits featured are wholemeal lemon and ginger with toasted hazelnuts. The tea is black, with oat milk.

      It was almost finished when our friend, philosopher/perfumer/walking-perfumery-encyclopedia Harry Sherwood came to visit bringing some brilliant biscuit accords of his own. He suggested adding our bran absolute to give it more fibre, and so it was complete. Wholemeal lemon and ginger biscuits, with toasted hazelnuts and black tea, with oat milk.

      Salt Rose


      A Flame in Your Heart

      Magnolia and rose, kumquat and cocoa, pink pepper and tonka harmonising over an inviting quartet of sultry balsams: labdanum, benzoin, styrax and cistus. Irresistible. If all you want is to smell totally gorgeous this is the amber you need.

      We're Not Out of the Woods Yet

      Deep in these woods are patchouli and vetivert with rare Indian Attar Mitti, made from sandalwood codistilled with clay to give the aroma a touch of fresh earth. With amber, musk, and a waft of apricot.

      A fragrance Sarah started to make for Sandalwood month on the patreon while she and Arthur were filming. They really liked it so Sarah extented it with Clouds and turned the centre into a wearable fragrance. It’s the peachy one, which had quite a few names, but settled here. It includes our Mitti Attar – a codistillation of clay pots and sandalwood - plus Apritone, dark patchouli, a sandalwood recreation, vetiver, then Iso E Super, Ethylene Brassylate and Cedramber.

      Patchouli, vetiver and rare Indian Mitti Attar with amber, musk, and a waft of apricot.

      Pirate Queen

      Leather, spices, coffee, tobacco, sea water and well-scrubbed wooden decks.



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