Sweet & Sultry Perfume Oil Sampler from Kheimistrii

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      We're so honored to welcome Kheimistrii to the Indie Marketplace. It's owned and operated by Kimberly, who we met when we were doing our best to reach out and connect with Black owned businesses. She makes really fantastic body care, and is starting a perfume line as well. This is a lovely little sample set she put together just for us!


      This 5-pc sampler of 2.5 mL perfume oils, contains all newly-released scents, created for Sucreabeille. Our perfume oils begin with a high concentration of hand-blended premium absolutes, accords, natural essences, fragrance oils & essential oils, and then dispersed into a base of caprylic capric triglycerides. A very light, non-greasy, skin-loving ester made from coconut oil, that has a dry silky feel. Decadent! Perfumes can be applied directly onto the or into household oil warmers for a serene ambience. Tranquility...


      HAPPY FALL Y’ALL! ~ Nothing screams fall louder than apples and pumpkins! These red apples and plump  pumpkins are all sassy with cassia, allspice, blood orange, brown sugar and sweet pastry. Oh no, this is NOT a pumpkin pie fragrance. THIS is a visit to the pumpkin patch, with the baskets of apples, scarecrows, churros and corn maze. Happy Fall Y'all! 


      NOCTURNAL RENDEZVOUS ~ The memory that is evoked from a moment of time that has passed. Like deja vu, it brings upon you a feeling that you have been there before. You tilt your head, and raise your brow, because it is familiar, but you can't quite put your finger on where, when and with whom. This is that scent. It is beautiful, passionate, sexy and the epitome of a classic. Once you experience it, you won't forget it. NOCTURNAL RENDEZVOUS is comprised of dark amber, dark patchouli, dark orchid, dark musk and of course, dark woods.


      YOUR BLUES AIN’T LIKE MINE ~ It's been one of those days. Shit, actually a lifetime of it. One day of happiness, leads to nonstop days of WTF?!  We've all been there. Those days when you are having such a great life,  then you later find yourself pondering when the bad shit is going to happen. No matter how bad you think your life is, there is always someone out there thinking, "YOUR BLUES AIN'T LIKE MINE."  It's a beautiful compilation of my version of bourbon vanilla that begins with bites from the same fruit of bitter orange peel and neroli flower, followed by lemon peel and tobacco, with lingering notes of cedarwood, bourbon vanilla and musk.


      HAVANA HEAT ~ I was channeling Gloria Estefan with this blend. She was hot back when I was a teenager, and her music was always played at the youth party clubs. Sassy and full of energy, bold and bright. This is what I imagine the night life is like in Cuba, one day I will know for certain. Coconut milk, rum accord, pineapple milk, tonka bean, vanilla sugar,  cashmere woods, warm amber and butterfly jasmine.


      THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE ~ What is your favorite guilty pleasure? How about a large bowl of ice cream, with chunks of chocolate wafer cookies stuffed with vanilla, ribbons of maple cream and sprinkled with warm spices. I thought you might like that. 



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