The Great Outdoors Set of 5 2.25ml EDP Samples from 4160Tuesdays

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Andrea recently took a class with the wonderful Sarah McCartney, the owner and master perfume blender behind 4160Tuesdays. She loved the class so much, she asked her to join the Indie Marketplace, and she accepted!

From their website: 4160Tuesdays is an artisan perfumery based in London where we've been hand-making adventurous scents since 2011. We create all our perfumes in small batches of 50-200 bottles at our Hammersmith studio, where we also run fragrance-making workshops.

Our perfumes are inspired by a place or a person at a certain moment, and created by our perfumer, Sarah McCartney (who isn't related to any of the other more famous McCartneys but she does get asked quite often). 

We'd like to make our world a lovelier place starting with the small space around us and working outwards. 4160 Tuesdays stands out from other niche fragrance brands not just because it’s British, creative, witty and pioneering, but for an indie house handmaking all our fragrances, we're unusually affordable. We want everyone who’s interested in fragrance to be able to try them. 

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This listing is for a set of their The Great Outdoors perfumes in 2.25ml atomizer EDP form, as follows:

  • A Walk in the Forest
  • Imagine a bright but chilly day that beckons you outside for a walk in nature, even if it’s just to the park, not the remote wilderness. You have to wrap up warm to go out: gloves and scarf to keep you toasty. There’s the aromas of trampling in fallen leaves, new growth from evergreen trees and the soft scent of mosses, lichens and mushrooms in the undergrowth. We add the musk scent of clean scarf that’s hovering just beneath your nose.

  • Both Sides of Clouds
  • Our Clouds fragrances have taken many forms, but now they are floating across the sky as this one. The idea was originally Christi Long's. Christi, committed fragrance and music lover, was wearing Take Me To The River, and it occurred to her that Joni Mitchell's Clouds could inspire a lovely fragrance and asked our perfumer, Sarah McCartney, if she would like to make it.  In 2019 with Christi's fragrance group, Eau My Soul, we crowdfunded two versions, Clouds and Clouds Illusion. both with the aroma of sunshine expressed in citrus fruits, orange flower and narcissus, shadow in lavender, oakmoss and orris, and white clouds in a vanilla and tonka ganache.

    Where it got a bit complicated was that Clouds was (for us) quite scarily costly to produce as we used natural absolutes. Clouds Illusion - which we think smelled equally fabulous - was less expensive as we used vanillin, coumarin, and top quality but less expensive recreations of the flower absolutes. Just to confuse everyone thoroughly, we made both EDP and parfum concentrations. Both Sides of Clouds is the 2020 remix. Sarah blended both naturals and recreations to make the final edition. It's a floral citrus chypre with a light gourmand touch. Wear it and imagine you’re floating on a fragrant cloud. 

  • Another Kiss by The Fireside
  • Warm flickering wood fires, cinnamon biscuits, rose and lavender – we’re seeing ourselves on a cosy sofa late into the evening. Another Kiss by the Fireside is a second go at the fireside fragrance which we first made in 2011 (A Kiss by the Fireside). This one had to be tweaked slightly to comply with the 2013 perfume safety regulations, so we thought we'd improve it along the way. What we did was to make it clearer, to give each of the individual notes more space to make themselves known. Now you can smell the slightly leathery woodfire, the spice biscuits, rose and lavender individually, and see the complete picture. For us it's a farmhouse kitchen, with an open fire, bunches of dried lavender and fresh roses on the ancient pine table, and biscuits cooking in the oven.

  • Ealing Green
  • Sarah McCartney - "I’d wanted to make a scent for Ealing, my adopted home. I met my husband at Ealing Studios on Ealing Green in West London, at a wedding. Then I was invited to make a midsummer scent for a charity evening, using plants and flowers named in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so I combined the two ideas and created the scent of Ealing Green on a summer evening, but in the early 17th Century." It starts with a wander through the herb and flower gardens of Walpole Park, a picnic on the grass and lying down staring at the clouds floating by, smelling the earth.

  • What I Did On My Holidays
  • What I Did On My Holidays is the story of a day at the British seaside, somewhere with an amusement arcade, mint rock shop and a candy floss stand. Suntan lotion and rock pools, in and out of the sea all day until the wind gets too strong, the waves are too high and you put your shorts and T-shirt back on, over your slightly damp cooling skin, and head for the café. Lavender, melon and coconut lotion, seaweed and fresh sea air, a waft of peppermint as you pass the rock shop. There’s candy floss - as you walk through the funfair - and it all settles down to nice vanilla ice cream.

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    Andrea Fender, Queen Bee


    Andrea started making lotions and potions in 2014, and is committed to high-quality products that are handmade. After running her own shop, she happily took over Sucreabeille in April of 2018 and absolutely loves it. Follow her on IG @shopsucreabeille, and join our community on Facebook at facebook.com/groups/sucreabeille




    Nicole Antoinette Moore, Scribe Bee



    Nicole lives in Colorado and works during the day at a small publishing house. She's our social beedia expert, and she loves books, coffee, sushi, and her cat, Gomez. Feel free to follow her on IG at @atorsoboat



    Amy Marie, Bee-Casso

    Amy owns Journey West Design, and is responsible for all of the great art on the site. She designed Sucreabeille’s logo and labels, and continues to be an amazing support every day! You can find her at https://www.facebook.com/MMBespokedesign

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