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  • Scent Notes
    A cloud of frothy, creamy grapefruit souffle.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: A cloud of frothy, creamy grapefruit souffle.

      “You’ll never catch me!” Mandy yelled, sprinting through the field. The long blades of grass brushed up to her thighs, encouraging her to run faster, go further. She saw the cliff in the distance; she knew she could climb up to safety. She could feel them gaining on her. Faster, harder, her brain yelled at her as she scrambled up the rock on all fours. “Get the girl!” they were yelling, closing in faster, shortening the chasm between them. She scrambled up the rocks, pulling herself up one hand at a time, willing herself to keep going up. After what felt like hours, she finally reached the top, and stopped for one second to catch her breath. She could hear them scrambling, tripping over each other in their frantic race to catch her. Mandy looked down, took a deep breath, and ran off the edge just as they reached the top of the cliff. She screamed as her body hurtled through the air; she was soaring, flying, untouchable, into the vast open expanse….

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