Cunning Minx

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We’ve all heard the stereotypes: a cunning minx is a sexy, flirtatious woman who charms men of all ages to get what she wants without question. And we’re here to say: what the hell is wrong with that? In honor of all the women and femmes who wear tight clothes, flirt with abandon, flaunt their bodies, and do whatever they want with said bodies, we created Cunning Minx. She’s sexy; she’s sweet; she’s definitely not naive even if she likes to pretend she is in the right moment to go after what she desires. She’s the sassy little sister of Mouthy Broad. She’s courageous and bold and daring and we love her. We think you will, too. Put on your tightest dress, spritz on some Cunning Minx, and go grab the world by the b… horns.

Scent notes: Black sheets in a mess in the late afternoon sun. A cup of steaming tea from Tibet with milk and a dash of wormwood, you minx. Pink peppercorn and Egyptian musk because you’re classic like that.

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