Solar Witch

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  • Scent Notes
    Red and white musks, hay accord, pumpkins, blood oranges, burning leaves, white amber.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: Red and white musks, hay accord, pumpkins, blood oranges, burning leaves, white amber.

      You rise with the sun, your curtains open to let the light spill in. You’ve been an early riser since childhood, preferring to get up and get your day started instead of sleeping in (or sleeping to a “normal” time). You put on your favorite leggings, sports bra, and moisture-wicking top, and do a few sun salutations and stretches to get your muscles activated. Sure, it’s a Saturday, but why sleep in on your days off? You slather on some SPF 50 all over your arms, face, neck, and ears. You lace up your running shoes, grab your fanny pack that you prepped the night before with snacks and your keys, snatch up your bottle of water, and head outside. 

      Morning exercise in the bright sun has always cleared your mind and your heart from whatever has been troubling you. It’s been your ritual for years now: every morning that the sun is shining (which is most mornings where you live, because you made sure to move to a sunny climate), you go for a walk/run/jog outside, no matter the temperature. It feels like you’re directly absorbing light from the sun and it’s refueling and refreshing you. Humans really are just houseplants with emotions, after all, and you’re basically a jade plant: you need at least 4 hours of direct sun every day or you’ll die in the most dramatic of fashions. Okay, exaggeration, but the basic premise remains the same: you get your magic from the sun. Sure, plenty of people worship the moon, but the moon shines by reflecting the sun, c’mon people! 

      Back from your run and glowing with sunlight and pure energy, you head to your back garden to check out your plants and small variety of sun-loving vegetables and herbs. You pick some tomatoes that ripened seemingly overnight, and take them inside, putting them on your small kitchen counter. Heading back to your bedroom, you take off your sweaty workout clothes, put on your robe, grab a towel, and charge back outside to your outdoor shower. Yes, an outdoor shower under the sun is your greatest extravagance, but you could never go without. Once you take an outdoor shower, you never go back. That’s also why you live out in the middle of almost nowhere, surrounded by hay bales and fields of pumpkins, with very few other people.

      You are fortunate enough to have good internet, however, which is a miracle considering most of your neighbors don’t even have a computer. But this way you can safely and easily run your business, an online-based company where you live-stream outdoor workouts and fitness classes, as well as one-on-one personal training, all through the magic of technology, lit by the magic of the sun. Your students feel it too, even through their screens, which is why your classes are so popular. Normally, you teach classes all week and over the weekend, but not this time. You’re taking some time for just yourself and the sun. Your post-shower plans are simple: cleaning, yardwork, and then lying in the hammock in the sun reading a book for the entire afternoon. That’s it. That’s all you need now: sunshine and relaxation.

      Scent Notes: Red and white musks, hay accord, pumpkins, blood oranges, burning leaves, white amber.

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