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  • Scent Notes
    A rich blend of tobacco absolute and cognac essential oil, a well-worn leather chair in a smoky, spicy Victorian gentleman’s parlor, with glasses of whiskey and cups of espresso balancing on the wooden side tables.
  • Description

      Your body wasn’t meant for the cold. When you were little, you’d lived in a tropical climate with warm weather year-round, and snow was only a mystical rumor, not a thing that pelted your home and body relentlessly for months. But life changes, of course, and your family had to move for your father’s job when you were barely a teen, and now you find yourself in a harsh, cold climate, with the briefest of warm summer months. You’d sensed the change in weather patterns deep in your bones during the long steamer ship cruise northward. Just a few days in and your teeth were chattering, your lips slightly blue, your “delicate constitution,” as your mother called it, so disrupted by the difference in climate that your mother had made you stay in your stateroom under blankets for what had felt like years.... Click here to read the rest of the story!


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