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  • Scent Notes
    A rich beating heart of warm ambers. Hardwoods from guiac and rose woods, and soft notes from cedarwood.
  • Description

      You’ve been walking in the woods for hours, possibly days at this point. Time means nothing. All that matters is gently walking through your dense surroundings, admiring the beauty of each one. The leaves have fallen on most; it’s winter, and if you weren’t in constant motion, you’d be freezing. But you must keep moving; you must find it. You know it exists. You pass another swath of trees, head under some low-hanging branches, and when you stand back up, you gasp. Your heart jumps to your throat. There it is: the Heartwood. It seems to be glowing from the inside, emitting its own source of warmth. Its bark is glowing, warm amber. The heat brings its scent, a mix of the most fantastic wood notes you’ve ever smelled, and you begin to run towards it. Just as you reach it, your arm aloft, fingertips straining to touch the magic bark, you awaken from your dream. Well, there’s always tomorrow night, you tell yourself as you get up out of your warm bed into your cold room. But you don’t even notice the chill, because you’re still glowing from getting so close to the Heartwood.

      Scent Notes: A rich beating heart of warm ambers. Hardwoods from guaiac and rosewoods, and soft notes from cedarwood.

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