How Luscious Is The Dark

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  • Scent Notes
    Black jasmine, tempting spices, gourmet chocolate, and luscious lotus.
  • Description
      Darkness can be so inviting. Especially when we already feel like everything is dark and depressing, the urge to just sink into that endless expanse of inky abyss can be so tempting. And sometimes we need to just let go and immerse ourselves into that darkness. Without experiencing the depths of gloom that are possible for us to experience, we cannot escape and fully appreciate the light. That doesn’t mean the light is easy to find, however, or that darkness dissipates completely the moment the light appears. To the contrary, sometimes we’d rather stay cozy in the luscious darkness for a little while longer. We’re here to tell you that that is absolutely okay, as long as you remember to emerge back into the world full of light again. But sometimes, that shadowy world is just what we need.

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