Monster Eye earrings from Nova Leigh Walker

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      Nova Leigh Walker makes beautiful, unique jewelry. She was kind enough to send us a selection of her earrings!

      Afraid of Monsters under your bed? Own your fears! Seize the Day!


      Whether you are a cos-player, an odd ball of awesomeness or in need to send your Halloween costume to the next level these earrings are totally for you!


      Thoughtfully sculpted evil eyes in a monster theme. These art pieces are hand sculpted by Nova Leigh, an artist who has used jewelry as a favored medium since 2004 for expression and rebellion. These earrings consist of polymer clay which allows for larger designs without the weight, Nova Leigh has been prone to migraines triggered by heavy earrings and it is a passion of hers to create something that is both wearable and light all while packing a statement of personality.


      The fun of these pieces is you will receive a random pair of these monster eyes measuring roughly 1 ½ inches from end to end suspended from hand forged solid brass ear wires. Each pair is a one of a kind design and is named with full on whimsy in mind.


      Befriend these little wee monster eyes and they will watch out for you as you make your way about the day.  

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