Onyx Reserve Dram Droppers

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      All of our Onyx Reserve perfumes in oil dram dropper form.

      Coffre au Tresor Scent Notes: Coffre au Tresor is a spicy gourmand with a rich, intense blend of vanilla and tobacco absolutes. Ginger, cinnamon, benzoin, and beeswax add spice and intrigue.

      Grotte Aquatique Scent Notes: Grotte Aquatique is a chypre with a bright, sparkling lime and bergamot swirl. Thyme and oakmoss balance with coumarin to give this vanilla a harmonious, balanced structure.

      High Strangeness Scent Notes: A rich, sticky base of vanilla absolute, tobacco absolute, cocoa absolute, and coffee absolute. Sweet benzoin resin, guaiac wood and mysore sandalwood oils swirl with black oud wood, honey, and a whisper of dark cherries.

      Nuances de Lumiere Scent Notes: Nuances de Lumiere is an aromatic fougere centered on pure lavender with a heart of beating vanilla. Coumarin and oakmoss play with a spicy top and add a grounding earthiness.

      Old Soul Scent Notes: Bouquets of vibrant red roses on top of a mirrored vanity, vines of jasmine snaking around columns on a veranda in the glorious sunshine, a jar of clover honey, smoky olibanum, creamy oakmoss, and a heavenly floor covered with sandalwood.

      Sel Noir Scent Notes: Sel Noir is a woody-aquatic focusing on the pairing of sandalwood and vanilla. Pink peppercorn and salt brighten and intrigue the senses.

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