Socks and Crocs

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Bro, listen up: don’t spend your money on sneakers. No, seriously, listen, the best footwear is socks and Crocs. It’s dope. Your feet stay warm, but not too warm because the holes in the shoes allow for air circulation, and that’s important for your feet, bro. You’ve gotta be comfortable, but also, stylish, and Crocs with socks allows you to show off your vast collection of sweet socks, like the ones that say “Beer” down the side, or the bright yellow ones that are knee-high, nearly fluorescent and blind everyone around you. Sweet. Don’t knock the socks and Crocs until you’ve tried it, dude, and you totes have to try it.

Scent Notes: a juicy blend of figs and blackcurrants, grounded in cedarwood and bergamot, with a sparkling dash of pink peppercorn

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