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Huckleberry: No, not the famous literary character. Huckleberries are found almost exclusively in the Pacific Northwest part of the US, which just happens to be where Suc is located. Perhaps we’re biased, but we are big huckleberry fans. They grow best in damp, acidic, volcanic soil, and are often found on subalpine slopes, bogs, and forests, just like us! In fact, we have an ancient huckleberry bush right outside the lab! Huckleberries vary in color but most resemble and taste like super tart blueberries. Plus, they can be used in everything: pancakes, muffins, ice cream, candy, pie, jam, pudding, even soup! There is nothing that our favorite local fruit can’t do, which is why we had to make this scent in honor of the humble huckleberry. Picture it: you’re walking through a cedar forest. It’s a drizzly, gray morning. There’s a light mist in the air, and you just had to get out and explore before most of the rest of the world is even awake. The mist chills your bones in the best way; oakmoss dampens the sound of your footsteps. Everything is perfect. Up ahead you see a thriving bush, bulging with huckleberries. Your squeal of excitement is muffled by the trees, and you fill up the pockets of your raincoat, and keep a handful out to eat as you continue your walk. It’s going to be a great day.

Scent Notes: Wild huckleberries picked from a cedar forest in a misty, wet morning. Oakmoss, rain and cloudy skies


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