Sky Puppy

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Bats get a bad rap. They’re seen as menacing creatures full of disease who only come out at night and wreak havoc. That description is more accurate of Bruce Wayne’s nighttime hobby than it is of any bat we’ve ever seen. They’re basically sky puppies: soft, well-meaning babies who are just doing their best to stay out of the way while also earning your love. They nurse their babies, and they use echolocation so they can fly from dark place to dark place, which is so damn cool. Bats eat all kinds of insects and pollinate plants, including the cacao plant, so the next time you’re enjoying some delicious chocolate, raise it in the sky in salute to the adorable Sky Puppy. She won’t see it, of course, but she’ll know, deep down in her heart, that you did it.

Scent Notes: Rich, dark Indian sandalwood balanced perfectly with vanilla bean, with a deep, red base of spiced resins

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