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This scent was designed to leave you satisfied and smiling all day. It’s like, every day could be Pretzel Day if you just have the right pretzel rod, right? Put some whipped cream all over that. Why is this so hard? Okay, let’s start again. This scent is designed to be used every single day. It’s a delicious combination of whisky and rum and chocolate and all the wonderful things in life, because if you think about it long and hard, life is too short to not do what you want. You need something you can put on when things are good, and when things are hard.  

Scent notes: A glass of whisky paired with a glass of bay rum aftershave with just a hint of lime squeezed in (because alcohol is an aphrodisiac, and nothing is better than mixing liquor and accidental aftershave to really get the party started); the best Pretzel Day toppings: chocolate chips and toffee nuts. And cocoa absolut.

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