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  • Scent Notes
    This scent starts off with a bang of gasoline that dissipates quickly to a sparkly, light blend of lychees, orris, and coconut CO2. It’s a hand grenade full of sparkles in scent form, basically.
  • Description

      Rachel sifted through her closet and sighed dramatically. True, she was 16, so the dramatic sigh itself was not out of the ordinary, but stomping on the floor and throwing all her clothing and shoes out of the closet made enough noise that her mom came into her room. “Rachel! What is going on in here?” she asked, slightly taken aback at seeing her daughter’s entire closet dumped around the small bedroom. “ALL OF MY CLOTHES SUCK!” Rachel yelled, throwing herself onto the pile that was covering her bed. “They look terrible on me, they’re not trendy or cool, I cannot wear a single piece ever again. AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” Her mom just looked at her daughter, then waded through the sea of clothes to join Rachel on the bed. “Oh, I’ve been there,” her mom said. “This is a very normal thing you’re going through.” “Ugh, you don’t understand. You have weirdly cool style for a mom. It doesn’t make sense and it’s actually kind of upsetting, if I’m honest,” Rachel said, turning her face in the direction of where her mom was sitting. “But I also do not want to dress like my mom, because, ew.” Click here to read the rest of the story!


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