Caffeine Poisoning

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There’s a famous writer who, in college, apparently used to steep black tea into his cups of coffee so he could stay up and write all night. If that sounds like your cup of … cofftea, well, we have some great news for you: you’re going to love Caffeine Poisoning. If you’ve ever considered making your morning coffee with coffee instead of water, or you always keep a supply of energy drinks on-hand to make it through the day because why are the days SO LONG RIGHT NOW, you’ll appreciate the pure shots of adrenaline this scent represents. And yes, it’s certainly possible to poison yourself with caffeine, but also, two shots of espresso in your morning mocha just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, fellow caffeine addicts, rejoice at this scent designed specifically for you! Just don’t drink it. Seriously. Don’t. It’s not actually made of caffeine! 

Scent notes: Two black teas, a shot of espresso, a dash of sweet mocha and coffee absolute make for a caffeinated take off. Cassia and black oud come out to play on the drydown.

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