Chapter 4: Beating Heart

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  • Scent Notes
    Butter pecan ice cream with tiny speckles of salt and crystalized honey.
  • Description
      She could feel her heart racing, beating, pounding in her chest. How much had she had to drink? What time was it, anyway? Why did he look so pissed off? Is that … are those lipstick marks on his neck? And why does he smell like…. Crystal checked her watch. Late, again, she thought to herself, rolling her eyes so hard her mom would’ve joked that they’d get stuck that way if she could see Crystal doing it now. She was at her local bar, the Broken Heart, which was currently so busy she’d had to wedge herself into the far back corner at a table that barely fit just her in order to have any space at all. It was great, in a way, to see this place so busy, but seeing all these couples holding hands and flaunting their love in her face made her a little testy. All the alcohol she’d had to drink so far wasn’t helping the situation, either, but he was late, as always. What was she supposed to do in a packed bar anyway? She’d had a shitty day at work, her boyfriend was late to meet her for...

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