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  • Scent Notes
    Crisp pear, rice milk, blood orange, rosewood.
  • Description

      Some people say that family is everything, and we agree, but with a slight caveat: Chosen Family is everything. What is a chosen family? It’s the group of people you love and care about and have made important in your life because you love who they are as people, not because you’re biologically related. Your chosen family can absolutely contain people you’re related to, but you’re together because you choose to be, not because of a blood relationship, or a sense of duty. Chosen family is there for you when your biological family isn’t or can’t be, and they’re often way more fun to have on your side. Why? Because they chose you, too.

      *Available for purchase through May 13*

      Scent Notes: Crisp pear, rice milk, blood orange, rosewood.

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