Glam Reaper

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  • Scent Notes
    An array of expensive, luscious lipsticks lazing on a mirrored vanity amongst jars of expensive cold cream. This smells like 1940s glamorous movie starlets getting ready for their close up!
  • Description

      Everything about Shannon’s life was a mess: her apartment, her job, her love life. Her boyfriend of nearly three years had just dumped her unceremoniously on the night she thought he was going to propose. She’d been so depressed by this that she’d missed a week of work because she couldn’t get out of bed. When she finally went back to the office, her performance slipped significantly, and now, nearly three months later, she was on a “formal retraining program” at work that basically meant “get your shit together or you’re fired, lady.” And, in that depressive state in which she was still living, she couldn’t get herself to take care of her apartment or her body. Takeout containers and dirty dishes littered the kitchen; clean and dirty clothes mingled over every surface in the bedroom. The half of the bed where her boyfriend had slept was now covered in a mixture of opened bags of chips and packages of cookies, clothes, a TV remote, a “personal remote,” candy wrappers, books, an empty wine bottle, and all sorts of other random things. The bathroom won’t even be discussed.... Click here to read the rest of the story!


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