Mouthy Broad Collection

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It's finally here: a special tin full of oil drams of our three fabulous sister scents, Mouthy Broad, Cunning Minx, and new addition, Cantankerous Spinster. But who are these ladies? 

Cunning Minx: We’ve all heard the stereotypes: a cunning minx is a sexy, flirtatious woman who charms men of all ages to get what she wants without question. And we’re here to say: what the hell is wrong with that? In honor of all the women and femmes who wear tight clothes, flirt with abandon, flaunt their bodies, and do whatever they want with said bodies, we created Cunning Minx. She’s sexy; she’s sweet; she’s definitely not naive even if she likes to pretend she is in the right moment to go after what she desires. She’s the sassy little sister of Mouthy Broad. She’s courageous and bold and daring and we love her. We think you will, too. Put on your tightest dress, spritz on some Cunning Minx, and go grab the world by the b… horns.

Scent notes: Black sheets in a mess in the late afternoon sun. A cup of steaming tea from Tibet with milk and a dash of wormwood, you minx. Pink peppercorn and Egyptian musk because you’re classic like that.

Mouthy Broad: You've always been the kind of woman who makes men anxious, and you consider that one of your best qualities. Never afraid to speak up, and never willing to back down for the sake of “keeping the peace,” or “acting like a goddamn lady for once, Jesus,” you've been called a lot of names over the years, and those don't phase you either. (We won't list all the names here because a) there's too many, and b) you would think people could be more original or inventing with their insults, like, use your imagination, damn!) What are you exactly? Some may say a femme fatale, killing it in a red dress and lips to match. We’re reclaiming the idea of a Mouthy Broad: the woman who takes no shits, drinks all the whiskey, and smashes the empty bottle on the floor and screams, “Another!” This scent will bring out the Mouthy Broad in anyone, and we think that's a very good thing.

Scent notes: a cloud of cigar smoke, freshly picked roses, a full glass of whiskey.

Cantankerous Spinster:  We're proud to present the newest sister in our lineup of audacious women (along with Mouthy Broad and Cunning Minx): Cantankerous Spinster! Sure, some people might say being cantankerous is a bad thing. They'll say you are argumentative, cranky, irascible, and too set in your ways. And, heaven forbid you be content without a life partner! Well, we completely disagree with those assessments. Being able to fight for what you believe in, to stand up for yourself in disagreements, and hold your own when challenged are wonderful qualities for any woman, femme, or female-identified person to have (particularly as they're the ones who are criticized for being stubborn or seen as bossy). And what's so wrong with enjoying your own company? You're a damn delight! Having passion for the way you live your life, even if conventional society thinks it's weird, is fantastic! Judgmental people can kiss your grits. Your life is yours, for you to live how you want, and we applaud you, our fellow Cantankerous Spinster.

Scent notes: fresh peppermint, chamomile, cognac essential oil, spicy ginger, Egyptian musk, and fennel.

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