Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

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RETIRED: This product has been discontinued.

This product is no longer available, but you can view our fresh house fragrances to find something you'll love.

  • Scent Notes
    Old leather-bound books, explosions in space, whiskey and spices in an old pub, bergamot, osmanthus, vetiver, and lotus.
  • Description
      The commander is on deck! What's that, you want an autograph? Of course. But make sure you get everyone's. Every member of the ship is important, even a guy with no last name. Without the whole crew working together and doing what they do best, whether it's repeating the computer, guiding our ship through minefields, or beaming the captain off of a foreign planet when he can't make a rudimentary lathe, we wouldn't make it out of these predicaments we keep finding ourselves in. Even when it seems impossible, we stick together, and abide by our credo: Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

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