Peach Cream

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  • Scent Notes
    Fresh peaches, cream, and a light cloud of magic.
  • Description

      It’s important to never stop learning, to always keep educating yourself about the world around you and, you know, any new developments in your chosen profession. Which is why our lovely owner and main scent creatrix, Andrea, took a class recently. She’s constantly learning so she can make our scents better and more interesting. It was in this class that she developed this scent, Peach Cream. The scent is pretty close to the name, so if you are a fan of peaches, or peaches and cream, or both, you’re probably going to love this scent. Wear it proudly on the days you are actively trying to learn and teach yourself new things, because knowledge is power … but you’re even more powerful when you smell amazing.

      Scent Notes: Fresh peaches, cream, and a light cloud of magic.

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