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      We are excited to add Erin with Lala Land Scents to our Indie Marketplace. As always, we recommend checking out each maker's website directly so you can see the array of scents and sizes that are offered.

      Following 3 ischemic strokes in 2019, I discovered a new sensitivity to smell that was initially unpleasant.  After stumbling upon Sucreabeille's perfumes, I learned to appreciate this newfound sensitivity and enjoy the multitude of pleasant scents surrounding me.  I began to imagine what my personal scent would smell like, and I set out to create it.  With the creation of Phoenix Rising I was hooked, and Lala Land Scents was born.

      All of my blends are phthalate-free and are made in small batches using a jojoba oil base. This sample set features a few of my best sellers, including the scent that started it all.  My samples come in 1.5 ml bottles, with orifice reducers that can be removed for easier application. 

      Phoenix Rising: The ashes of my old life, piles of medical books, clean sheets, and mom's fresh baked bread.

      Gone Camping: A roaring campfire and the scent of the woods surrounding you. Fresh, cool night air and the s'more you're eating. Freedom from responsibilities.

      Pumpkin Cookie: Soft, buttery spiced pumpkin cookies with creamy vanilla frosting.

      Strawberry Fields: Plump, juicy strawberries growing in a field of lush green grass.

      Irish Dream Pie: Pie crust filled with a luscious blend of Irish cream, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, brown sugar, and vanilla.

      *All of my fragrances are unique to my knowledge and not intended to mimic another brand or product.  Any name similarities are purely coincidental.  Do not ingest perfumes, no matter how delicious they may smell.

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