Seems Legit

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Seems Legit is the dark side of All Hallows' Eve; it's the monster under the bridge you have to walk on your way home. It senses your fear and lets out a low, grumbly laugh that sends chills down your spine. Just keep moving, you'll be okay, don't slow down; now you can smell your own fear, mixed with mud and a tinge of a metallic note. Blood? Is that blood? Keep walking, faster now, you can hear it coming closer; you're almost off the bridge, you can see your house, so close! A few more steps, that's all you need to get to safety and security. As you step off the bridge, something rushes past: a car, that's all it was, a car behind you on the bridge. You nearly laugh at your anxiety when you hear the low laugh you heard on the bridge, but closer, and louder, and you sprint the rest of the way home, vowing never to walk across that bridge ever again. Pairs well with her sister scent, Free Candy.

Scent notes: rotten river mud, a few drops of blood, a swirl of tobacco smoke, sweet pumpkin pie, candy corn, tears.

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