Sparkling Green Mandarin

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  • Scent Notes
    Bergamot, sparkling green mandarin, sweet honeycomb, vanilla.
  • Description

      Note: This scent is not currently available in the 1oz size.

      Make sure you read Sparkling Cucumber Mint first!

      Paula awoke the morning after her first swing class extremely sore, but extremely excited. She’d slept better than she had in weeks. She took an extra long, extra hot shower, and went to work with the biggest smile on her face. Everybody noticed her great mood; her glowing skin. They all asked if she’d been to a workout class, if she had a new boyfriend, if she was just thrilled it was Friday, or if she’d just won the lottery. “Oh no, I just feel like a million bucks!” was her response, as cheesy as it was, but everyone laughed at the joke. She felt like the world was at her fingertips.... Click here to read the rest of the story!


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