Brienne the Beauty

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Brienne is, in our opinion, the most underrated character in the entire GoT universe. She may have been mockingly nicknamed “The Beauty,” but her commitment to honor, goodness, and love (albeit unrequited one-sided closeted gay love) are outstanding and truly make her beautiful. Plus, she’s a goddamn knight, an incredible swordswoman, and takes absolutely zero bullshit. And is it bad if we want Jaime to dump his sister and be with Brienne? Think of the blonde chunky babies they’d produce, and they don’t even share the same gene pool! What a concept! Her scent, therefore, is earnest, a bit masculine, earthy, with a touch of hidden sweetness that blossoms over time. This scent, like Brienne, is a true beauty.


Scent Notes: newly cut grass on a hot summer day; smoky white musk; sweet Meyer lemon; real ginger; white tea; a fresh-picked Valencia orange.

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