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Elderberries are traditionally medicinal, but that doesn’t mean they taste, or smell, like medicine! They’re juicy and luscious and a gorgeous purple color. They’re a wonderful combination of sweet and tart. Elderberries are often made into robust, full-bodied wine, perfect for drinking on a porch on a cool summer night, listening to music and playing cards with the people you love. This scent is that feeling in a bottle: ultimate, decadent relaxation. There’s also a hint of cellar dust and earth from where you discovered this old bottle in the back corner of the basement, forgotten by some previous owner. It’s not a special occasion; you just wanted to pop open this bottle and enjoy the warm night air with your loved ones, playing vinyl records and keeping the neighbors up with your shouts of delight as you repeatedly win in every game. No, you’re not cheating; this elderberry has just made you unbeatable in cards, apparently. Time to search the basement for another bottle, pronto.

Scent notes: A bottle of old honeyed elderberry wine found in the cool corner of the cellar, with a whisper of the powdery soil from the earthen walls

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