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Andrea, our creatrix and scent mastermind, woke up one morning recently with a note on her phone. Apparently she can send emails in her sleep? All it said was: Glittertrash. Obviously, great and terrible things happen in the middle of the night, and they’re mostly not as innocent as a random note on your phone. This scent is waking up in the morning on the bathroom floor of a cheap motel, glitter all over your body, last night’s champagne lingering in your mouth mixed with watermelon Blow-Pop. You remember dancing on a banquette with your friends, heels in your hand, screaming when your favorite Ke$ha and X-tina (circa Dirty) songs came on, and taking a lot of shots between champagne swigs. You vaguely recall taking fistfulls of white cake and shoving them into your mouth; was it somebody’s birthday? Looking down at your hands, you can see the icing still stuck to your fingers. You can hear your best friend calling out to you from the bed, asking if you want to go grab McMuffins. Oh, you absolutely do. Watch out, Mickey D’s; here comes the fabulous Glittertrash.  And yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: there’s glitter eco-friendly in the bottle!

Scent Notes: Watermelon Blow-Pops, baby powder, fistfulls of sticky white cake, last night's champagne and coconut cream.

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