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The Red Woman. She Who Births Shadows. Burner of Innocent Children. There’s a lot of names you could call Melisandre, and you’d be right with all of them. But you can’t deny that the bitch is magical, and once she’s set her mind to something, she’s absolutely determined to move forth with her plan, even when everything and everyone around her is trying to tell her it’s a bad idea and every piece of her clothing smells a bit like smoke and tar. The Lord of Light gave her unimaginable power, and how sane would you be with that amount of magic coursing through your veins? Even with her faults, Melisandre is dedicated and devoted. Plus, she helped bring back Jon Snow from the goddamn dead, AND she’s a stone-cold fox (when she’s wearing her necklace; otherwise, maybe don’t look too closely). We’re under your spellisandre, Melisandre, and we don’t care who knows it! Just, please don’t burn us alive, thanks.

Scent notes: The tangy musk of a frightened animal running for its life, smoke from the flames of a divinatory fire made by the Lord of Light himself, carrot seed oil applied liberally to the dead body of a hero to help raise him from beyond the pale, ancient incense wafting from the back of a chapel, spicy cinnamon sticks procured from an ancient, trusted, and tired market vendor.

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