The Moon Door

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Perhaps it’s not the smartest idea in the world to build a mentally unstable woman a trap door high in a castle, through which she can throw anyone who pisses her off. Or maybe it’s the BEST idea and we wish we had one, so we could throw our enemies from the heights they deserve, and barely hear their bodies break upon impact far, far below. No, no, NOT a good idea; it’d only come back to haunt us like it did Lysa. Not that she had the best judgment in the first place, see: matricide. Then again, a Moon Door is an amazing idea, and a great name. Screw dungeons and torture chambers; throw your enemies out of a building and listen to their echoing, terrified screams.

Scent notes: A perfect pink orchid gleaming on a windowsill, a bouquet of lily of the valley clutched in the hands of a sobbing bride, well-oiled rosewood chess pieces knocked over in a rage mid-match from atop a large teak dining table.

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