Tormund Giantsbane

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When we first met, we weren’t sure how well we’d get along with you. You were a stranger from a strange land, and the same could be said about us. But you won us over with your charm, your loyalty, your sense of humor, and that amazing ginger beard. Yes, you only have eyes for Brienne, and we completely understand and respect that… for now. That’s why we’ve made your scent the perfect complement to hers. You’re from the mossy, frostbitten northern lands that seem so exotic to us southern folk and we wanted to honor your heritage. Also, if Brienne decides she wants nothing to do with you, we all volunteer as tribute to become Mrs. Giantsbane. Knight’s Watch in the streets, still a Wildling in the sheets, eh?

Scent notes: peaty oakmoss from an expensive bottle of Scotch you only drink from on special occasions, a carpet of clover on the floor of an ancient enchanted forest, a piece of overpriced-yet-worth-it avocado toast from that hipster cafe that always has a 2 hour wait but is actually, surprisingly worth it, sitting under the dense canopy of a grove of giant red oak trees and enjoying the stillness and silence.

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