A Drop Of Pure Joy

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  • Scent Notes
    Rose absolute, honeycomb, and sandalwood.
  • Description

      Pure joy is such a rare, fleeting feeling. We know when it’s happening, but it’s usually after the moment has passed that we truly appreciate what we experienced. There’s usually a desperate desire to recreate the moment, hoping that we can also recreate the feeling. But the beauty of life is that those moments can’t happen again, so we must learn to appreciate them as they come, and not try to force them into reoccurring. Look back on the moments of pure joy as wonderful memories, cherish them, and let this scent serve as a reminder that more good times are on the way.

      Scent Notes: Rose absolute, honeycomb, and sandalwood.

      Note: This scent is available in EDP only; therefore, it is not available in our Create Your Own sets of five.

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