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  • Scent Notes
    A garden full of blooming paperwhites, linen sheets drying in the summer breeze with hints of white amber, coriander, and paper.
  • Description

      Barbara woke up singing. That’s not an exaggeration; she literally woke up mid-song. This was not an unusual occurrence, however. Barbara, or Babs as she preferred to be called, carried the spirit of song within her. The spirit wove itself throughout her family. Not everyone had it, but those who inherited it had the most beautiful singing voices, and perfect pitch to boot. From the moment she woke up until her head hit the pillow at night (and often for a minute or two longer), Babs was singing, or humming, or whistling. Her lung capacity was absolutely absurd; she could’ve been a deep sea diver with no issue. Every breath was a note in a song for Babs. She couldn’t imagine living any other way.

      Over the years, some people in her family had been in the music business, but that wasn’t entirely what Babs wanted to do with her life. Of course she loved music, and wouldn’t change a thing about having the spirit inside of her, but she was more than just a beautiful voice. She was an accountant with her own firm, but in her non-busy season (aka after tax time), she gave voice lessons in her home to neighborhood kids. It had grown quite popular over the years, and there was always a waitlist to get into her lessons. There were times when it seemed like she made more money doing voice lessons than helping companies do their taxes! Now, in the “later years” of her life, she had pulled back from her firm and spent more time giving voice lessons, enjoying the feeling of helping kids feel more confident with their voices. Recently, though, she’d taken one young girl under her wing. Babs recognized the spirit within this girl.... Click here to read the rest of the story!

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