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  • Scent Notes
    Milky rose laced with sweet oud, labdanum, acai berries, and pistachio.
  • Description

      Some might call you a boss ass bitch, and they’d be mostly right, except you prefer just plain old Boss Witch. From the moment your eyes open in the morning to the second your head touches the pillow at night, you are the one in charge. And that’s not just because you own several successful businesses! You’ve been calling the shots for what seems like your entire life. Respect is something you’ve always commanded, and demanded when the occasion called for it, because you know you deserve respect just for existing. At the same time, you respect every other human, and that reciprocal circle of respect is why people like you so much. Well, most people, that is. (It’s also okay to not be liked by everyone, you know.)

      Your friends often call you for support and advice, because you’re not afraid to speak your mind directly about even the hardest of problems. “Dump them,” is your most offered piece of advice, and has escaped your lips hundreds, if not thousands, of times. You might not be the most traditionally feminine witch in the business, but you get shit DONE, whether you do it yourself or effectively delegate it out. If it’s on your plate, it’s efficiently handled. You’ve never been one to sit around and wait for approval, because your magic lies in your absolute decisiveness and swift, accurate execution of … pretty much every single thing you do. All day long, you make concise, wise decisions that make everyone around you say, “Wow, please teach me how to be like you.” But not everyone can be a Boss Witch, so revel in your gorgeous, tough, determined, magical self, and know that so many people wish they had your magic.

      Scent Notes: Milky rose laced with sweet oud, labdanum, acai berries, and pistachio.

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