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  • Scent Notes
    A simple blend of rain, sweetgrass, and fresh honeycomb.
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      Disclaimer: Some people think astrology is bunk; others have complete faith in it. We tend to think of it as fun, and have a more lighthearted approach. Whether you hate it or love it is totally up to you, and we support your choice to love and/or hate the idea!

      Cancers are extremely emotional people, but that’s not a bad thing! More people should be in touch with their emotions, and that’s what our Cancer friends do for us: nurture us, listen to us vent, cry with us (a LOT, they are a water sign for a reason), hold us, feed us a gourmet meal, then tell us to snap out of it and get back to being our hot, badass selves. They’re compassionate yet honest, devoted to their friends, but they make sure that their own needs are met before fulfilling anyone else’s needs. Stability and routine are their bread and butter, and without those, their emotions are likely to go more haywire than usual. Their symbol is the crab, but we think they’re more like inverse crabs, as they’re soft on the outside and tough on the inside. They’re enigmatic and hilarious, and for all of these reasons, you can consider us huge fans of these lovely, badass Cancer babies.

      Scent Notes: A simple blend of rain, sweetgrass, and fresh honeycomb.

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