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  • Scent Notes
    Freshly turned earth, guiac wood, wormwood, gunsmoke.
  • Description

      Note: This scent is not currently available in the 1oz size.

      Disclaimer: Some people think astrology is bunk; others have complete faith in it. We tend to think of it as fun, and have a more lighthearted approach. Whether you hate it or love it is totally up to you, and we support your choice to love and/or hate the idea!

      Capricorns are hardworking, stubborn, ambitious, and a whole bunch of other traits associated with their animal, the goat. (Or the G.O.A.T., depending on who’s describing them. Probably a fellow Capricorn.) But don’t let that stubbornness fool you; deep down inside there’s a heart of softness and gold. They’re secretly sensitive, though they will likely never admit it. They’re dependable and successful, realistic and hardworking, with soft hearts and delicate souls. Thank you, Capricorn, you incredible earth sign for your never give up, never surrender attitude, and your unrelenting drive to succeed.

      Scent Notes: Freshly turned earth, guiac wood, wormwood, gunsmoke.

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