Cute Rage

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You know that feeling when you see something so cute it makes you physically angry? You wanna smash it and hug it and tell it how perfect it is but you want to destroy it because it’s just TOO CUTE and SHOULD NOT EXIST?! Like when you see videos of animals who should hate each other playing together? Or when your pet is asleep and its little paws are twitching and it’s so cute you wanna go yell in their face about how sweet they are? That’s Cute Rage. It’s also when something cute, like a tiny baby animal, has an inexplicable burst of rage but they’re too little for it to be taken as anything but adorable, even though if they were grown up, it’d be terrifying. Like watching a puppy try to growl threateningly, but instead it just chirps and your heart bursts with the pure sweetness. Or when you get so angry you can’t do anything but laugh and smile, even though your insides are lava and you want to smash everyone into tiny little pieces. Cute Rage. It’ll get you every time. 

Scent notes: Red apples, orange apricots, yellow butterscotch and champagne, green spearmint, blue heliotrope, purple lilacs and violets, mixed with a shitton of rainbows. 

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