Death Unicorn

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Are unicorns glittering, majestic, fantastical creatures who emit pure sunshine and poop rainbows? Or, are they death machines capable of murder with just their foreheads? Guess what: they’re BOTH! It’s this combination of innocence and evil that inspired our Death Unicorn scent, which is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, virtuous and sassy. Fragrant lavender mixed with spicy black pepper; licorice-y anise poured over top of vanilla bean ice cream. It’s a surprising, balanced, decadent blend that will make everyone, including yourself, realize how powerful you are. Because you are powerful. And majestic. And made of pure black glitter which you can blow in people’s eyes when they piss you off.

If you wish that you could be a unicorn purely so you can stab people with your built-in head sabre after stunning them with your beauty, then you need this perfume.

Scent notes: fresh cut lavender, black anise, sweet vanilla bean, black pepper crushed under a unicorn’s horn.

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