Don't Panic

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42. Wait, that’s not what you asked. No, sorry, I don’t know where your towel is; you definitely need to keep track of that yourself! Listen: the world is insane. There are murder hornets, a global pandemic, and the whole world seems almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the one we knew just a few weeks ago. But the best advice that can be given is this: Don’t Panic. There’s a reason it’s emblazoned on the front of the book. It’s some of the best advice humans can use at this point, or any other, point in time. Have a cuppa tea (or its current equivalent), and relax. Things will work out. The dolphins haven’t left yet. Don’t Panic.

Scent Notes: A hopeful springtime garden: Tomato leaf, heliotrope, galbanum, petrichor, sweetgrass and clary sage. lemon verbena and freshly turned soil

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