Free Candy

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Free Candy is the lighthearted, fun, candy-centric, light side of Halloween, where kids roam their neighborhoods as the sun goes down, kicking through fallen leaves on the hunt for as much candy as they can fit in their plastic pumpkins, or pillowcases, or straight into their mouths, then head home to watch scary movies while the sugar wears off until they eventually pass out and their parents can raid their candy stashes for their favorites and stealthily eat a few bars without the kids knowing. Such simple, sweet times. Pairs well with her sister scent, Seems Legit.

Scent Notes: A pillowcase full of candy from the rich neighborhood in town (you know the one, hands out full-size and king-size candy bars like they’re Jay-Z and money ain’t a thing) clutched in the happy fists of laughing children dressed as ghosts and vampires

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