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Have you seen Lynda, aka the “Fugitive,” member of the notorious Suc Gang? Well, we haven’t, either! She earned her nickname exactly how you’d expect: by constantly being on the run. She sprints from place to place. She’s never still, never in the same place for more than ten minutes at a time, max. She’s escaped from the back of moving vehicles, including multiple patrol cars, without being seen. Nobody’s sure how she does it, because it happens so fast. One minute she’s right next to you; the next, she’s four blocks away and nobody saw her leave. She’s been instrumental in the stealing of plastic lawn flamingos for Pinky’s collection, no matter how many times “No Nickname” Nicki returns them. Watch out, because if she can outrun and outfox the Suc Gang, you don’t stand much of a chance.

Scent notes: Oakmoss, African musk, bergamot and yuzu, grapefruit and white florals

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