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  • Scent Notes
    Honeyed vanilla, guaiac and rose woods, patchouli.
  • Description

      Be on the lookout for Sandra, aka the “Gambler,” a member of the notorious Suc Gang. They’ve just arrived back in town after a long stint … well, no one knows for sure where they were, but they’ve come back with new members, Gambler among them. She likes to gamble with anyone over anything, but she’s not good at it. She’ll flip a coin and instead of yelling heads or tails, she’ll say, “Seven,” or, “Full house!” Naturally, she always loses. It seems that the Gang has tried to correct her and teach her how to gamble appropriately, but it doesn’t stick. She’s not wanted for any major crimes. She just loiters along with Stand-Around-Pam on the steps outside the gas station, trying to intimidate customers into gambling with her. Pam just keeps yelling at the store manager that loitering “isn’t real,” because even she won’t gamble with Gambler. Keep your eyes peeled, and if anyone comes up to you flipping a coin, do not engage.

      Scent Notes: Honeyed vanilla, guaiac and rosewoods, patchouli.

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