Glitch Witch

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  • Scent Notes
    Blooming jasmine, cardamom, a dash of expensive vanilla.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: Blooming jasmine, cardamom, a dash of expensive vanilla.

      A glitch: a sudden, often temporary malfunction or irregularity, and something you are extremely familiar with. It seems like hardly a day goes by where you don’t experience several glitches, often at the same time. Some days, it feels like there are hundreds of glitches. On those days, everywhere you look, something malfunctions, even just for a second. It makes you feel like the matrix is malfunctioning, but instead of panicking, you thrive in it. That’s why you have the job you have: freelancing working with customers on their systems software, fixing bugs and glitches as they pop up. You’re so good at catching them that you’ve made it your business name: the Glitch Witch, able to fix any and all weird little bugs that pop up. It’s a fantastic job for you, because you work so quickly that you can handle several jobs in half the time you’d have to spend at a traditional day job. Since going freelance, you make three times the money in less than half of the time. It’s glorious, rewarding, and companies big and small constantly need your expertise to fix their software, so you’re never bored.

      But what about the apparent glitches in the space-time continuum? Those times when you could swear something moved on its own, or you have deja vu, or too many weird coincidences keep adding up and leave you with an eerie feeling in your whole body? Honestly, those really don’t bother you either! Why should they? Sure, that could freak the average person out (don’t think about it too much) but that’s what you do all day: find and fix the errors in code. Therefore, it seems perfectly logical that there should be bugs in our daily life. Plus, some of these glitches are definitely self-inflicted, like not remembering where the heck you put the remote, or your glasses, or putting down your cup of coffee too close to the edge of the table without realizing it so the subsequent spill is absolutely your own fault. And when you’re not fixing glitches in the universe or other people’s codes, you’re figuring out ways to override the glitches in your own brain. Like a lot of people, your brain doesn’t seem to function “normally” (whatever that even means). Between the combination of a great support system and your own ingenuity, you’ve learned how to manage your brain’s glitches with style. At least for the most part; we all have days where the glitches get the best of us witches, and that’s okay! The important thing is: no matter what glitches get thrown at you, you know you can handle them all with ease, grace, and style.

      Scent Notes: Blooming jasmine, cardamom, a dash of expensive vanilla.

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